Dec 14, 2023

IONA celebrates a year in the UK

IONA celebrates a year in the UK

To celebrate one year after the launch of our London office, we invited clients, colleagues and partners to an evening of networking and Nordic-inspired canapes and drinks in Kensington.

IONA expanded to the UK at the end of 2022,  adding to its list of international locations, including the Nordics and Philippines. To celebrate a year in the UK, we invited 60+ friends, clients and colleagues to join us for an evening at the official residence of the Ambassador of Finland, a Grade II listed house at Kensington Palace Gardens. Guests were welcomed by the ambassador, Jukka Siukosaari, and invited to listen to speeches by Jason Coppin, IONA's Managing Partner in the UK, and Dan Gershfield, Agency Lead EMEA at Sanity. 

IONA's UK Launch - Dan and Jason
Jason Coppin is IONA's managing partner in the UK, and Dan Gershfield is agency lead EMEA at Sanity.

IONA has made futureproof solutions a cornerstone of its delivery to a portfolio of mid-large B2C and B2B brands. Our projects span ecommerce solutions, website development, headless projects, UX and brand design solutions and bespoke software for the likes of HMD Global (Nokia Phones), Marimekko and Alamy —which was recognised as a finalist in the MACH Impact Awards 2023.

IONA is a Sanity Preferred Partner in the UK and Nordics

Partnering with the world‘s leading composable and headless SaaS vendors in digital commerce, IONA has earned the status of Sanity Preferred Partner - the highest tier in Sanity's Partner Programme.

The Sanity Composable Content Cloud is the modern content management system chosen by industry-leading companies like PUMA, AT&T, Burger King, Tata, and Figma. Sanity creates a competitive advantage by optimising content experiences and operational efficiency across marketing, support, e-commerce, and more.

“A strong partnership in the software space is not only built on a good product, there needs to be excellent technical capability and understanding of that product as well as a great cultural fit - something that each of the IONA and the partners it works with have in common”, says Dan Gershfield, Agency Lead EMEA at Sanity.

Ready to rethink your ecommerce?

We find the right balance between market potential and opportunity - inspiring new ideas that can be validated through quick prototypes and calculations. "There is no one-size-fits-all approach to adopting MACH and its principles. Every business has its own needs and priorities”, says Mikko Mantila, CEO at IONA. If you're curious whether it's the right solution for you, get in touch for a complimentary evaluation.

Jason Coppin Photo

Jason Coppin

Managing Partner, IONA UK